I wanna go home















Scarlet Creative Art cabin and Love carriage house gacha Blanket draped wood sofa

Jinx Le jardin gacha Pond

Keke Sacred lotus pink

Lode Dahlia can home decor: Dahlia Autumn vibes and autumn yellow, Cranberrie full can and Blueberrie full can, Cranberrie can and Blueberrie can (for Shiny Shabby), Pretty things: Single pot plum branch and Tree plums pot set (for The Chapter Four)

Dutchie Birds sound emitter, Lavender, Firepit

8f8 New beginnings gacha Geese, Hens and Rosebucket

Halfdeer Spilled candy hearts

Shop Sue One prim cat in black

We’re Closed Grassfield lush, Grassfield autumn

Anc Secret garden roses,  Spiderlillies

HPMD Sweet garden grass and Garden tree 08 with lights

Heart Wildflowers Queen Anne’s lace, Wildflowers Foxcloves

Pilot Gardentools

Lark Autumn bucket and crates

Jian Gardenplot tomatoes, Vinetrellis dark

Malo Candyjar strawberry

Erratic Stack of books

Sari sari Herbgarden Table and Vertical herbs

Zigana With love pile and With love mix

Kalopsia Baskets



Apple Fall Antigue ladder with heartstrings, Enamel teapot (gift), Autumn preserves, Pyracantha berries in jar, Au pain sourbread baguette, Neva kitchen gacha Neva kitchen shelf, Artstudio gacha Storage shelves, Pantry gacha Copper pan set, Cottage dining chair,

Soy Worktable (groupgift)

Ponne Kitchen sink in flowers, Gas stove

Dutchie Ratatouille, Winebottles

Kunst Wineglass empty

Keke Hard to get vol.2 Bowl with lemons and cups, Dreams projector balloon, Celebrate gacha Rezzdaycake #3

What Next Houseplants, Artist set easel medium

Haikei Change your mind gacha #3, My vintage art studio gacha #5, Attic storage gacha #4, Grey wall pence house gacha #5

Agora Eco grocery bag

Both chairs at the table I forgot to write down by who they are (will be added later)




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