I ain’t afraid of no ghost


Cabin Ariskea Harvest Carbin Verenda addon (groupgift)


inside decor

Disfunctionality Dewdrop cobwebs, for FLF

Granola La Nona’s succulent plant in pink and Capped candle (groupgift)

Thor The summer is gone gacha Jar of fireflies and The vintage nightstand, for Pocketgacha

Keke Rose hips in pitcher

Haikei Always be there gacha #5, for Kustom9

Concept Haus gacha Pouf, for Kustom9

Anc Cirque de Reverie gacha Blanc ball

Vespertine Birdlandia popup book

Halfdeer Cozy cat If I fit I sit in orange, Sleepy Italian Greyhound and Hanging birchbranch Dream in gold

Cheeky Pea Kitsch little lass ghost

DRD Old Mysterie mansion gacha Old couches and Chandelier set 1

We’re Closed Broken tele…er chair (groupgift)

Cherry house Succulent plants #2


outside decor:

Disfunctionality Cat pumpkins, for FLF

Boudoir Halloween gacha, Funny tumbstone

Moril creations Halloween ghost 05 on treestump

Lagom Fall getaway gacha Autumn sign, for The seasons story

Bee designs Trick or treat gacha, Boo pumpkin with cats

Halfdeer Quiet deer fawn and Scattered acorns dark

Vespertine Pumpkins (groupgift)

DRD Garden party gacha Large tree

HPMD Garden tree with lights 08 and Sweet garden grass

We’re Closed Shrubs, Grassfield lush and Paper light (groupgift)


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