Big hope


decor from 2016 Winter Showcase:

Park place – Down home Wing chair, with singles and couples poses

Wood works – Holiday ensemble sidetable and decor (edited) Pine table, Hope sign, Candle & Santa tray and Potpouri dish with bells

Woord works – Granny’s set room rug

Chic buildings – Holiday tree duo small (gift)

Bamboo Barnes – Painting Venexia 4  (Bamboo Barnes is an artist at the 2016 Winter Art Show)



Park place casual – Mia sweater & leggings, shown in snow, exclusive for 2016 Winter Showcase

Lamb – Go easy hair

Thalia Heckroth – Aida boots


other decor:

Tarte – Little skybox

Dust bunny – Mini Christmas tree

Ionic – Winter market gacha Wooden Christmas tree gold

Leroy – Snowglobe poinsetta misty black (vintage gift)

Lisp – Vintage christmas card

22769 – My little cottage gacha Knit pouf table

Zaara – Jodhpur gacha Jali lamp

Mutresse – Dalmatian puppies gacha Dalmatian puppy gentleman

Vespertine – Never stop dreaming (groupgift), Starry fairylights in open box (groupgift)

Half deer – Carved woodland animals gacha fawnfox, Sleepy Italian greyhound, Snowday bunnies gacha Bunny helps with the lights, Stringlight clutter long (groupgift)

Anc – Flottante puppy milk lay A

Kalopsia – Hanging stars

RH design house – Holiday cafe gacha shoes ornament, Tanukineko gacha Black cat set

Plaaka – Small temple library gacha Birdcage with books B

AF – Catprint

Bellarose – Woodtray with candles

Drawing by Chaira Bautista is selfmade



2016 Winter Showcase

all event info

2016-winter-showcase-poster 2016-winter-art-show-poster



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