Fantasy Faire The Silent Auction!

I am showing you a selection of auction items, from top to bottom, from The White Armory, The Stringer Mausoleum, Posh Pixels and Fantavatar & Moonstruck! ❤ and with Fantasy Faire items by Tayrens Fantasy Fashion, Empyrean Forge and Eternal Dream!

Rectification: The pictures I took of Roisin hair by The Stringer Mausoleum, I was thinking I used the right item, but I used the wrong color! And I now have no time left to take new pictures, so  you can see the Silent auction actual color here: The color in the picture is in the regular Faire booth, slurls below!

and to add one more great item in the Silent auction see

The Silent Auction is a week-long auction featuring plenty of one of a kind items or enormous fatpacks and rare deals

The auction naturally benefits Relay For Life and uses RFL’s auction boards. Browse the auction, make your bids and make sure to check back often to make sure you’re still the highest bidder! The auction boards send you a message when you’re outbid, but we all know how reliable SL can sometimes be, so better check than sorry!

The Silent Auction will end on Saturday, April 30th at 5 PM SLT







The White Armory Delhaven Sprite dress in Pretty petals, exclusive for the silent auction! thank you Bee ❤

with Clawtooth Windswept hair in reds and Zibska Xia flowerorbit part

and Jumo Feira earrings (new release, part of outfit, will be blogged next! <3)


The Stringer Mausoleum Roisin hair, for Fantasy Faire 2016! thank you Helena ❤

with Tayren’s Fantasy Fashion Dragon Queen dress in gold, exclusive for Fantasy Faire 2016! thank you Tayren ❤


Posh Pixels The dream hunter in purple, exclusive for the silent auction! thank you VampirePam ❤ Comes with this special skin and hair to fit the hood (not shown)

with Empyrean Forge Emissary’s rook, exclusive for Fantasy Faire 2016! thank you Empyrean ❤


Fantavatar & Moonstruck Strawberry Fae, exclusive for the silent auction! thank you Luna ❤

with arm and leg vines Posh Pixels Sibylline, part of outfit, exclusive for Fantasy Faire 2016! thank you VampirePam ❤

poses Eternal Dream Free Spirit, exclusive for Fantasy Faire 2016! thank you Fata ❤

and Lode Magone II and Nobilis wreath


Fantasy Faire Silent Auction 2016 items only available at:


get all the other Fantasy Faire items here:

Tayren’s Fantasy Fashion @

The Stringer Mausoleum @

Empyrean Forge @

Posh Pixels @

Eternal Dream @


All Fantasy Faire info and slurls

shopping guide

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