Luxe Paris for Fashion 4 life




jumpsuit Luxe Paris Classy beige jumpsuit, new release for Fashion for life!

outfit Luxe Paris Bord de mer, new release for Fashion for life!

thank you Mika ❤


also wearing:

hair Olive Steffi

tattoo White widow Crosswinds with the first outfit, and hand tattoo Tableau vivant Wicca with the second outfit

face jewelry Finesmith Watching and Maitreya Vintage collar pearl necklace

bird Lode Magic single

petals Adorkable Petals in the wind (poses with petals)

leaves Kalopsia Sycamore leafs flying, for Lost&found


Fashion 4 life

The event will open its doors on March 6th, 2016 and run for 14 days, closing at 6 PM SLT on March 20th


Luxe Paris

fashionforlife2016 logo


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