I love the work of Haveit Neox and visited the exhibit Fading Masks at Berg by Nordan art. The other exhibit there is Simply Samples of Her Repertoire by Mich Michabo, which I also really liked.

It complements beautifull with the pictures I wanted to do with my love for David Bowie.

I was putting together an outfit for the AD Creations tribute later this month @ Ferosh Fashionweek. Aliza Karu, who was my first ever sponsor<3, is leaving SL and her creations have been there for all my SL as Bowie’s music has been there for all my RL.

Avanti offers the Ziggy face tattoo for free on mp.

AD Creations Calavera WP mesh pants with rivet and bra (part of outfit)

Faster Pussycat Barock ’n roller jacket (part of outfit)

Twishee Mudra necklace in black

Bolson Frahm tattoo

Boon PAP584 hair in black

Jumo Leona skin in porcelain


more info on the exhibit


Haveit Neox

more info on AD Creations


listening to

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