I’m stayin’ in today



After Christmas I only want to stay in and hang around and watch movies, in this fun onesie that is the POE hunt gift by Tres Beaux.

Just before Christmas “the story of Snowpoint” storybook by Ohmai finished and we got send a low prim version to display, it is my Christmas favorite this year!

Scarlet creative Campbell tartan sofa (The Arcade gacha) and Modern prefab skybox

Ionic Sprial leaf,  Winter coffee and Messy Lightbulbs (Lost&found) and Spell gacha La casitas Suecas

Kalopsia Boys night gacha Table short (TMD december round)

Vespertine Winter survival kit gacha Readers corner and Bed clutter and Cup of your tea Customer appreciation gift

Floorplan Pallet light and Gas heather in crimson, older FLF tems

8f8 Granny’s winter cottage gacha Christmas tree

Dust bunny Hunters retreat gacha Teapot wind chimes

Oh la la Gacha Chapter may gacha Hanging book red and Doll A

Half Deer String light clutter and Fawn

Alouette Bookshelf gacha Dolhouse bookshelf

Hakei If I live in a hut gacha #4 table

RH Winter gacha Table light

Kuro Hanging fans

T-spot Mesh tiny Xmas trees decor

Zerkalo Vintage love nest gacha Vintage rug

Ariskea Petite Paris gacha Roses vase pink

Not a toy Deer rug, 1 linden on mp

Paris-bxl Japanese art, 1 linden on mp

Keke Celebrate gacha Rezz day cake


listening to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DR2DbU5Uq-4


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