You write your first draft with your heart

“You write your first draft with your heart and you re-write with your head. The first key to writing is to write, not to think.” — Sean Connery




For 50 linden fridays Verspertine offered these fabulous pop up books, I got them both, just so lovely! I also had the heart bottle by Tomga, un used in my inventory, so the two combined sparked the idea of taking a picture that represents my love in creating stuff. I see creativity as love flowing freely from you into the world.

Vespertine Pop up books Frostwood and Birdlandia, for FLF

Tomga Heartbottle (edited)

Kuro cups and pencils

Kuro in motion Shattered, mirror and pose used seperate

Zerkalo Leather couch, groupgift

Toronto Painter mannequen

Pixelmode 3D deerhead picuture

Zenith Birdcage white

Floorplan I love you canvas

Art Essentials Canvas

MiaSnow Paintbrush in glasjar

TZ Artists ‘Girl with no name’ painting (free gift), watercolor pencils and sketchbook

Ohmai Ladybug terrarium

Half Deer Quiet deer fawn

Scarlet Creative Poetry and Box of poetry

Toiz Blue Hawaii canvas

Mudhoney Madagascar chair

Hakei Vintage art gacha #5

Zigana With love pile and With love mix

AF Frame shelf

Schadenfreude Quail guests mom

TA Easel

What next Decorative easel with canvas medium

Keke Key crown

Dutchie 2 wine bottles

Tarte Recycled windows cabin


I am wearing new hair called All about it by Vanity, for Hairology. I have the feeling am going to wear this one a lot! ❤

Lode Magic single bird

Coco Slim fit jeans, groupgift


listening to








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