Someone… Azul for Brandy <3

It could easily be you or me, not just someone… and I know from having battled breast cancer myself, you never know what life has in store for you. If you are blessed with good health, be thankfull for it, it could just go away like that.

Having to pay those big treatment/hospital bills by yourself must be very hard, and it’s just not fair, in my country general health care took care of 99 perscent of the bills for me, but in most countries that is not an option.

I lost my job prior to getting cancer so I know about being short on cash and being ill too. Having to fundraise to get it all paid, and to be able to care for your loved ones, your children, it must be very hard to do.

Knowing Brandy she is taking care of everything and being there for her children most of all while having chemo atm. Wishing you all my love and support dear ❤

So please help!


gown Azul Electra in Amethist, the limited color for The road ahead, a Benefit for Brandy! thank you Mami ❤

As Mami puts it in her post on fb: Supporting Brandy Maltas (Kalli Birman in Second Life) as she battles metastatic uterine cancer that has spread to her liver. Shopping & live music with all proceeds to help Brandy & her children. She has helped so many of us over the years, now it’s our turn to help her!

Fundraiser for Brandy


also wearing

Lamb Dust bunnies in reds

Lode Fleur d’hiver in brown (gacha)

shot on location at beautiful Story Brook gardens at Norte/46/129/2002/

listening to

If not in secondlife donate here


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