My winter patio

I live at the end of a narrow street, in an old city, it could be close to a canal, it looks like Venice, or is that Marrakesh? Nah, just kidding, that’s just the walls by Rowne I used to create the outlook of a small street. In RL I live in Amsterdam, and yes, there are some pretty narrow streets here.

I have so much furniture/decor from the Winter Showcase and all the gacha’s (love those quirky face pots!) and I wanted to show you all my finds, so here it is: my winter patio, I hope you like it.










Furniture/decor from the Windlight Winter Art show and Winter Showcase:

Potomac Rustic holiday livingroom sofa, I am not showing you that this is a naughty version 😉 nice version also available

House of Avro Christmas stocking with puppy and with red cat, Victorian planter with Poinsettias

Park place Holiday rattan patio chairs, Outdoor fire table, Winter garden ottoman, Holiday poinsettia hanging bag planters in white pink and red

thank you to all the designers ❤

other furniture/decor:

kalopsia Woodangel white, gacha

Tres blah Cozy winter Church tin house and wide house, gacha

Trompe Leoil Hammered silver tree, gacha

What next Merry welcome mat and wellies, gacha

Keke Winter metal tree snow, gacha

Nylon Outfitters Quirky pots Benjamin, Ginger, Tina, Isabel and Charlie, gacha

Ionic A hot chocolate, gacha

Goose Into the woods tree, gacha

Secondspaces  Garden table with pots white

SF tubplanter, old LTD gift

Sari Sari Our little garden hose

Bitter Vanilla Simple tree

Pilot Gardentools


I made the patio with:

Rowne Wall Marrakesh and Venice, gacha

8f8 Primavera in Toscana Garden gate, gacha

extra wall and floor pieces from A.S.S. greenhouse skybox, edited a bit


Windlight Winter Art showcase and Winter Showcase sponsors & participants, event info:

Opens today!


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