Meeting Skip Staheli, Honey Bender and Ilyra Chardin at The Windlight Winter Art Show and Winter showcase

On the press and blogger days, before this event in support of Team Diabetes SL opens tomorrow, I had the pleasure to talk to 3 of the artists featured in the art show.

I asked artist (and fellow Dutchie) Skip Staheli why he particpates in this event and how he decides which pieces to put in this show.

Skip answered: “When John* asked me, and told me about the show I immediately thought: yes, I want to do this. First cause I was part of the 1th Windlight Magazine issue, so I feel connected with it, it is a beautiful magazine.  Second I try to support charities in SL from time to time in different ways. Winter artshow specially cause I am a winter person.

I tried to select pieces that in feel/atmosphere/color fit this winter ambience. I made my place there look cozy and warm with cute detailing and of course a cup of hot cocoa and my best espresso”.

* that is: Johannes1977 resident, founder, publisher & editor in chief Windlight magazine (note by me)



from his artist bio:

I love to blend rl and sl pics…mixing all the time… I dont see myself as a pro at all or a superb artist.. lol.. Im still and always learning and am always playing and trying stuff….. most of the time I really do not know how I made a piece at the end lol… I just mess around. So dont ask me to make the same piece again.. I simply cant.
Also when people ask me how I do things, and how I achieve some effects ..etc.. most of the time, i dont have clue myself.. seriously!
For my SL work I use now PS CS6 and plugins like FilterForge and Alien Skin… I would be no where without my Bamboo drawing tablet.. a lot of my work I draw by hand. In RL I follow since 2 years art classes, and I draw with pencils and charcoal.. If I wouldnt have found out, through SL, how much fun and heart drawing is for me, I probably would also never learned about this creative side of me…


Honey Bender I know from her great fashion designs, finding her at the artshow was a happy suprise to me.

I asked Honey what the inspiration for her art at this show is and is there a special reason she is participating for Team diabetes SL.

Honey answered:  “My inspiration is religious icons. As I works mainly in the fashion industry I want to portrait models as icons.

Participating for Team Diabetes SL feels like a good cause. With our modern eating habits there’s going to be more and more people getting diagnoses like diabetes as well as other lifestyle illnesses in the future, unless we do change the food industry and eating habits drastically.
It’s a bit of a worrysome scenario but I think it’s the right focus. I am thinking a different food industry could help a lot with both the human health, animal welfare and the plane.”



from her artist bio:

Honey Bender has been in Second Life since August 2006. She has been one of secondlife’s top models and muse of the fashion world – collaborating with numerous reknown fashion houses.
In 2009 she built her own design company Faster Pussycat together with fellow designers PoosyKat LittleBoots and Coeur Auer – and today the Faster Pussycat Fashion House includes labels: Faster Pussycat (women’s wear) Velvet Elvis (men’s wear) and B E N D E R (original mesh couture house)
Honey Bender is also a photographer and contributes regularely to several high fashion magazines in the metaverse.


Ilyra Chardin I know from her beautiful pictures in Windlight magazine this month. See Windlight magazine here

I asked Ilyra why she participates and what inspires her art.

Ilyra answered: “I was involved for many years with Bid4aCure on Second Life. It benefited Diabetes Research for the American Diabetes Association and DiabetesUK. I stil believe that it is a very worthy cause. I also contribute art to other charities, most recently for RFL and Parkinson’s Research.

What inspires my art: my inner need to create and to be creative. I tend to do mainly landscape, storybook or fantasy art, with landscape and storybook art being the largest body of work.”




from her artist bio:

Ilyra Chardin is a designer and digital artist, specializing in mixed media storybook and landscape art. She’s been featured at The Raglan Shire Art Walk, Builders Brewery Relay for Life Art Auction, Windlight Gallery as a Windlight Fellow, The Cheeky Lady Art Gallery, Creations for Parkinson Gallery, and in Art in the Park (a Gallery that she curates.) Ilyra was featured in the November 15, 2015 issue of SL Enquirer in an articel by Dean Lawson, entitled, “The Multiple Layers of Ilyra Chardin.” She is a Windlight Artist and Feature Contributor for Windlight Magazine. She is also a feature photographer, artist and writer for Avi Choice Magazine.


A big thank you to the artists! ❤


Below works by: Ever After, Richie Narstrom, Wren Noir, Tripp Nitely, Warm Clarity, Secret Rage and Bryn Oh










Windlight Winter Art showcase and Winter Showcase sponsors & participants, event info:

Opens December 7th!






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