Decorating my home with The SL Christmas Expo

Home interprets heaven. Home is heaven for beginners.

Charles Henry Parkhurst




So much fun decorating a house for the holidays!

From SL Christmas Expo

Outside the box! Red Christmas couch, Christmas carrousel and Sled coffee table

Park Place home decor from the French walnut study table set: Oriental weave area rug and bookcase with accessories, and from the Aberdeen table set: lamp and poinsetta red

Woodworks Craftman Christmas set table and snowpicture

Purple Moon Seasonal Joy lettering with cardinal decor, from the Gotya gacha, rare item

Dekute Dekore Mesh Frozen fourpost bed

Thistle Christmas tree Joy hope celebration largesize

Botanica Pink&silver Xmass box stack


other decor

Tres blah Cozy winter heater in black and winterpilows (the arcade)

Lark Wallart, gacha 4 (The arcade)

db Picture frame set silver buddha

Goose Into the woods Christmas tree and presents (The arcade)

AF Reaching plant (older gacha) and Cat prints

O.M.E.N. Waiting for Santa paws Knotty dog (The arcade)

Ionic Ilumina branchlights (older gacha) and El Zorita foxlamp (older gacha)

Hakei Old empty house rug (older gacha)

Reverie Daydream aged chest (older gacha)

Kuruwa Makeup set in red (older gacha)

Lisp Tin candle deer

Dustbunny Porcelain deer (The Arcade)

Leroy Snowglobe (old gift)

Half deer + Spring eternal Fox friend in red (older gacha)

Sway’s Cozey nook in meadow (The arcade)

A.S.S. Last day of summer skybox (all the older skyboxes are a free gift at store entrance),  and added: floorboards, blinds and lightbeams, all parts of other A.S.S. skyboxes


SL Christmas Expo opens tomorrow! for lm and info

Thanks to all the designers ❤


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