I meant to behave…

‘I meant to behave but there were to many other options…’



Today I am showing you two outfits from the Luxe Paris Fall new releases! thank you Mika ❤


Black glitter top & skirt

I love this ensemble, classy and sexy, with a beautiful laced up ankle length skirt and the poinsettia flower corsage, just right for that special Christmas diner!

hair Vanity Sugar Coat in blondes, for Shiny Shabby

earrings Finesmith Advaita in gold

bow hat Zibska

lips Jumo Desiree in marvilha

heels Zenith Leather heels with sox mix A (gacha item)


Animal Chic coat, top & pants

This one is more for the big party’s around the holidays! Love the great texturing on the pants, which also has a satin piping at the inner seam that goes up to the waist on the back, very elegant! The fur is faux of course 🙂  Cause to me this outfit says ‘rockchick&party’ I paired it with a pair of sequin heels and not with the winter boots that come with it.

hair Truth Arden in essentials

earrings Gewunjo Elizabeth in black

ring Finesmith Galactic (older groupgift)

lips Jumo Desiree in london

tattoo Queen of ink Indian

heels Ghee Sequin heels in black

belt Coco Skinny belt with studs in silver


Luxe Paris http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Magnum%20Spirit/50/71/26

listening to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEPTlhBmwRg

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