Coffee first

“No one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they got plenty of sleep”





The morning after a party, the light is much to bright, I need coffee first!


Uncertain smile Baubles chandelier, for Sanarae

Reverie Daydream candlelight chandelier (gacha item)

Kalopsie Fancy table and chairs

Nordari Candi leafs curtains (free gift on mp)

Bitter Vanilla Starry lights and simple tree in gold, for Creators collection Box

What next Winter wonderland fireplace

Construct Tiny toy train in snow (gacha item)

Keke Boxed glass balls in frost (gacha item)

Dutchie Wine bottles, Dutch photo collage, painting Woman from the back and painting Queen Emma, book (book is a free gift)

Apple Fall Christmas cookies, cherrie foulevents,  pillow with tree, bookshelf 3, sketchbook, woodstock and apple line (gacha items, except bookshelf)

Kunst glasses white

Hakei Christmas cards and My vintage art studio #5 (gacha items)

Petite maison Gobbler & Brynne cakeplate (free gift on mp)

Tres blah Dirty dishes and art clutter (gacha items)

Eclectic/lsm Clothing clutter male

Lisp Vintage cards

B.C.C. Bottle & cup (gacha item)

Fd Cats standings 1 and 13 (gacha items)

Hextraordinary Grey barn Meowl (gacha)

Point24 Wallpaper Trees

Amsterdam skybox and painting by Breitner are DIY 🙂


I am wearing

shirt Aux Long T-shirt in sky (old hunt gift)

pants Maitreya Stefani pants in Horizon

hair Lamb Wakeup in light blondes (gacha item)

poses Glitterati Morning coffee


listening to

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