Finally home, gezellig!

The days are so short now, it is getting dark real early. I do enjoy that feeling of coming home to a warm house after a long day. I just drop my bags anywhere, pet my cats and need a glass of wine. Gezellig!

for the meaning of the Dutch ‘gezellig’ see








The house is finished for now. I added a simple mezzanine with stairs, and created a kitchenspace under it. I moved the bedroom upstairs with this love Boho daybed, I have a big inner hippie that needs to have India stuff around 🙂

I also spend a lot of time looking for small kitchens, looking at the the article in LTD magazine, just what I needed. Finaly I found a gacha machine at Pomponne with kitchen furniture, including a very small stove ❤

get it here

LTD tiny homes article see, page 69


DDD Flowers in vase tulips

Scarlet creative Greenwich stool, gacha item

AF Vintage camera, Cottage dining table, Christmas cookies, Cats print and Pestle & mortar

Bazar Goodmorning chairs, 1 linden furniture set on mp

TA Wineset

Zigana With love pile

Keke Sculls crowns and keys Keys on a string, gacha item

Tres blah Eclectic makeup bag and Framed picture Vogue, gacha items

Ionic From Russia with love Colorfull hanging lamps, gacha item

Boogers Grocery set

Apt B Step stool

Agora Eco grocery bag

Half deer Tote bag, old gift

Anc & Cozy cat If it fits, I sit cat

Second spaces  Makeupjunkie contours and Well stocked pantry oils

8f8 Primavera in Tuscana cupboard, gacha item

Zerkalo Beginning of the day newspaper, gacha item

Pomponne Pone stove, kitchensink in flowers, pans, gacha items @ Pomponne

iTuTu hanging pans and kitchen shelf A

Dustbunny Kitchen essentias coffeemachine and As the leaves turn coatrack, gacha item

Spiral staircase type1 in rust made by Yonemaru Allen

Kalopsia Privacy screen, rugs and hanging stars

Geisha dreams Serenity sidetable narrow, gacha item

22769 (Bauwerk) Boho daybed, gacha item

BR Wooden tray of candles

Zaara Home Rajput miniature and Jali lamps, gacha items

*all the gacha itmes are a bit older, so you have to look on mp or inworld for re-sellers


I am wearing Gizza October groupgift, Lelutka Lumen hair, old groupgift


listening to


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