Home, if it fits, I sit

The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.

Maya Angelou




Black Bantam Ceiling Rainbrella String lights (C88)

Half deer & Cozycat If it fits I sit cat in box in white and tabby (C88)

Vespertine rocking birds, new groupgift

Anc Flottante puppy, laying with collar

Tarte Recyled windows cabin (gacha item)

RASP California chair pg (personal gift, no longer available)

Striped Mocha Woodstove (gacha item)

Junk Wannabe boho step shelves (gacha item)

Scarlet creative My sunday bed (gacha item)

What next Paperdoll mannequin, free on mp

Dust bunny Pocelain deer in ivory (gacha item)

Lisp Chloe pictures

AF Frame shelf

AF Beauty is…(gacha)

Thaino design Orchid in pitcher

Erratic Stacked books (gacha item)

Garbaccia Clutter heels in nude (gacha item)

2Xtreme Fur rug white

Follow us Glam mirror (gacha item)

Apt B Wood cabin (gacha item)

Tres blah Stacked suitcases (gacha item)

Scarlet creative Greenwich stool (gacha item)

DDD flowers in vase tulips

Zaara Jali lamp (gacha item)

Leroy Snowglobe, free older gift

Soy Singing bowl (gacha item)

Elate Origami paper crane

*al decor that has gacha item at the end is from older gacha’s, look for them on mp or inworld from gacha re-sellers

I am wearing

hair Little bones Scope, free gift on mp! (thanks for letting me know Xandrah!)

sweater Judy’s Summer sweater in white

socks Erratic Holiday socks in snowflake (gacha item)

poses DM


listening to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pFjfHrfVmk






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