Hurry! It’s Art in hats 2015 last hours, with Liliths Den, Hatter ’n hell, E.V.E. and Virtual Diva

A person carries off the hat. Hats are about emotion. It is all about how it makes you feel.

Philip Treacy

Snapshot_427       Snapshot_421

Snapshot_446    Snapshot_444

Snapshot_448     Snapshot_447

Snapshot_451      Snapshot_449


hats from top to bottom:

Lilliths Den Snow Queen Crown! thank you Alrunia ❤

wearing with Boudoir Winter (hair included), Finesmith Sense of Snow collar part and White Widow Southpaw tattoo

E.V.E. Alma Swing hat Black widow in gold with Black widow bubble stars in gold! thank you Noke ❤

wearing with Pixicat Bastet dress in white, Coco Wrap skinny belt in silver and Tableau Vivant Editorial hair Southern wind in reds

Hatter in hell Margritte apple bowler! thank you Rosamoo ❤

wearing also with Pixicat Bastet dress and Olive The darling hair

Virtual Diva Freedom art hat! thank you Angels ❤

wearing with Violator Di Venice in gold and Boon SCO052 hair in black

Art in hats 2015 Last hours!

Saturday, november 14 at 8:00pm Final Chance Shopping Party!

Lilith Den


Hatter ’n hell

Virtual Diva


listening to

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