Born to darkness

When other little girls wanted to be ballet dancers I kind of wanted to be a vampire.

Angelina Jolie

gothic tiles floor



I have been on a fun search to get David, my male alt, a new and also affordable look, and found this outfit by Gabriel in gacha resellers on mp! All items I got under 100 lindens.  So now he had this great dark gentleman look, I had to find a lady vampire-ish look to go with it. The gown on me was a 55 lindens halloween edition on mp too!

on David

outfit Gabriel Gentleman outfit gacha, rider jacket and pants in boots in dark purple with black shirt & tie, tophat & silver cane, gacha for The Epiphany

hair SH Saku in black

poses Glamrus Ezrah (picture 1 and 3) and Roquai Sky couples pose (picture 2, edited)

on me

gown Angelic Seduction Sookie Bloody edition

hair Olive Flutterbee in darkfades (gacha)

chains Muka Chain blinders

poses Vitalis Animatum (pictures 1 and 3)

listening to

background texture bij Rubyblossom

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