The limited editons, part II


Snapshot_105 Snapshot_107 Snapshot_111




Snapshot_099     Snapshot_098

Snapshot_097     Snapshot_062

I am showing you 2 more of the limited editions by Azul! thank you Mami ❤

I am wearing Yael dress in ruby and Naarnisse gown in turqoise.

This is one of those blogposts with a lot of pictures, I am not one to put it all in just one picture and I hope you don’t mind. I just saw Shannon win Miss Azul (congrats!) so it is a great time to post my next Azul blogpost.

I took  pictures this afternoon yet again on this wonderful sim Baroqued. On the south part is the landscape with all the trees and the white ballroom is on the north part of the sim. And there is much more to explore….

also wearing:

hair Miamai Loroi in dark brown

headdress Un Jour Fairy dance headaccessory

butterfly add ons Boudoir Precious earth (part of outfit)

butterfly with pose by Celestics (1th picture)

other poses by Vestige mostly, forgot to write all down, ooops

There are 18 LIMITED EDITION colours of -AZUL- designs that were created especially for the renewal of the -AZUL- Main Store
The LIMITED EDITION items are currently sold at SPECIAL prices at the -AZUL- Main Store
The LIMITED EDITION items will be available for purchase until October 31st, 2015


Shot on location at the lovely Baroqued sim

listening to (this one is for Shannon!)

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