Poet’s heart for Rock your rack 2015

On dusty roads I walked
And over mountains high
Through rivers running deep
Beneath the endless sky

Beneath these jasmine flowers
Amidst these cypress trees
I give you now my books
And all their mysteries….

Loreena McKennitt, from ‘Skellig’




Snapshot_078   Snapshot_080


outfit Poet’s heart Sultan’s treasure in fading flowers color, for Rock your rack 2015!

thank you Irina ❤

outfit also comes with sleeves which are not shown. Also edit texture so you can change to more sheerness.

earrings and bracelet Finesmith Adwaita in gold

turban Baiastice Drithi turban

necklace MG Isis solar magic in gold and Zaara Goa rudraksha

anklets ALB Chakra ankle

bellychain ALB Savitri ohm belly chain (part of older groupgift)

bracelet Zaara Indra stacked painted bangles in gold

tattoo OF/PS Sacred in kohl


Anc Mannequin gacha, Mannequin vintage

letters Zigana Loveletters stacked

flying papers Kalopsia Flying papers

flowers Aisling DIY love potion gacha, carpet of flowers


Rock your rack 2015 lm to be announced! September 26 – October 11

Event info https://rockyourrack.wordpress.com/

Poet’s heart http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Zebria/212/122/1501

listening to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPAkR5itdVA

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