I am looking back because I can…..


I am happy there are many charity events in SL, that we can make this all happen in SL, events like hairfair and all the others. And I am very sad there are so many charity events in SL because they are still needed in this world.

Today I went to The Lexi project and got jewelry from Zibska and the skin by Belleza, before I crashed, but what’s new……

I also hope you all went to Hair Fair? Today is Bandana day (last day so hurry!).

As you might know I am a breastcancer survivor in rl, I lost my beautiful and very long hair in chemo and wore a wig.

And I hope all of you go to this event to help Lexi! Living in The Netherlands my whole treatment was covered by our national healthcare, although we pay a lot for it each month, treatment for most major illness is covered in it.  Cancer certainly is. To see that in other countries you have to scrape together the big amount of money yourself makes me sad. So please help if you are able.

I wish everyone love and good health and always time enough to look back and count your blessings! ❤


necklace Zibska Aisling in deep red for The Lexi project

skin Belleza Brooke for The Lexi project

bandana Lelutka Kali headscarf for Hair fair

bikini Zaara Naisha in gold

location The Trace too

The Lexi project info https://thelexiproject.wordpress.com/

and lm http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Industrial%20Port/144/130/350

Hair fair info and sim lm on http://seraphimsl.com/2015/07/11/grow-your-hair-out-for-hair-fair-2015/

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