LAVIAN&CO Grand Opening Fashion Show

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I am very happy to show you two outfits by LaVian&Co from their new collection:

Talking body (top 4 pictures) and Honey, I’m good (bottom 4 pictures)! Thank you Samantha ❤

Both outfit come in 3 sets, each with a hud for different textures and colors, I am showing you only a few of the many options.


with Talking body:

hair Vanity Lunetica in browns

ring Finesmith Galactic (new groupgift) and Finesmith Here comes the sun in bliss

makeup Kooqla Bisquit eyeshadow in light and Kooqla Summer lips 01, and Jumo Fergie lips in pink

nails Finesmith Solid

heels Zibska Achillea for Slink high feet


with Honey, I’m good:

hair Truth Nayeli in blondes

Tattoo Little pricks On her own wings, and Audran Perfectly me

makeup Kooqla Bisquit eyeshadow in light and Zibska Lurine lips 05 and 02

earrings and bracelet Finesmith Flower

nails Finesmith Solid


SOLARIS Show Invitation

LAVIAN&CO Grand Opening Fashion Show

Date: June 7, 2015
Time: 2:00pm SLT

For all information see:

LaVian&Co mainstore:

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