Penumbra Fashionweek Sonatta Morales Voil

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gown Sonatta Morales Voil for Penumbra Fashionweek!Thanks you Sonatta ❤

wearing it with:

tattoo White Widow Dark Shadow for Cosmetics fair

jewelry Jumo Marais for Penumbra Fashionweek! thank you June ❤

makeup Jumo Paris glitter eyeshadow in cooper and Paris roses lips in bardot

hair Boon

Penumbra Fashionweek:


Sonatta Morales mainstore:

Location: MIC. Ok. I am not really good at limiting my pictures! 🙂 I advice you to go to MIC yourself and see what you think of this photogenic spot, and yes, also this sim needs saving, read more:

ss15 final

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