Luxe Paris Art romper and Electric girl for Join Hands for Nepal!

Snapshot_022 Snapshot_029 Snapshot_041

Snapshot_044 Snapshot_046

top: Luxe Paris Yellow art romper, for Join Hands for Nepal! thank you ❤

hair Diva Emilie in topaz

bracelet Zaara Indra stacked bangles in silver

necklace WTG Sunflower (old groupgift)

clutch H.m.a.e.m. Buffy clutch She’s the sky

eyebrows Jumo Be Different in pink

bottom: Luxe Paris Electric girl dress for Join Hands for Nepal! thank you ❤

hair Tram A816 in black

hat AD Creations Tribute to Kandinsky (part of outfit)

necklace Griddie hair Young cubic neckpiece

Join Hands for Nepal:

Luxe Paris mainstore:


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