Living life in peace

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Loovus has designed a whole mini collection, called Elemental, for this times Sneak Peak! This seven piece collection of flowy, fitted, sheer, and draped garments will add a tranquil beauty to your wardrobe. Each piece comes in one of six Pantone SS2015 colors.

I am showing you from top to bottom:

Zerua dress in almond.

with hair Boon ILA344 in gold, eyemakeup Blackliquid Chen in golden, earcufs Inside Lab Absinth cufs (old gift).

Haizea dress in violet.

with hair Boon KTW810, eyemakeup Blackliquid Chen in orchid, headdress Lode Orchkakis in maroon.

Sua outfit in aqua.

with headpiece Lybra Geishan, makeup Nuuna Rinn black.

All outfits I wear the Bound heels by Loovus, also for Sneak Peak, available in all the colors in this collection.

ty Vikeejeah ❤

hands and feet Slink

skin Belleza Yasmin in pale


Loovus mainstore:

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