Fashion for Change starts April 11th!


Fashion For Change Charity Event
organised by BOSL & the MVW 2015 Eleseren Brianna
The Fashion For Change event is going to run between the 11th – 25th April 2015 and is designed to raise funds for the charity Womankind Worldwide.
100% of the donations raised will be given to Womankind Worldwide.
The is held on one sim and comprises of designer shops where exclusive items can be found, DJ’s as well as live entertainment, fashion shows, a charity auction and a hunt too.
Main Landing Point (open on April 11th):
Saturday 11th April 2015
11am SLT – BLVD Show
12pm SLT (Noon) – Torben Asp
1pm SLT – TJ Oanamochi
2pm SLT – DJ Adam01time & Fireworks!!!
Sunday 12th April 2015
10am SLT – MGB Show
12pm SLT (Noon) – Dani Plassitz
1pm SLT – Truelie Telling
Wednesday 15th April 2015
 1-3pm SLT – DJ Mex (SL Radio)
Saturday 18th April 2015
10am SLT – CoC Challenge
12pm SLT (Noon) – Maximillion Kleene 2014 Avi Choice Winner
2pm SLT – MVWMA Graduates Show
Sunday 19th April 2015
10am SLT – Misses Show
12pm SLT (Noon) – Keeba Tammas
1pm SLT – DJ (TBC)
Wednesday 22nd April 2015
1-3pm SLT – DJ Mex (SL Radio)
Saturday 25th April 2015
11am SLT – Auction finale
Neck Cadaver presiding
2pm SLT – Final Party with DJ Walter Balazic & Fireworks!!!
Alafolie – Artizana – [ at home ] – Athena Couture – Azul – Baboom Couture – Celtic Wolf – Clowes Couture – COCO – Couture Chapeau – Face Paint – Ghee – Giulia Design – Immortals Avatars – Ireth – Kelini – KL Couture – Kunglers – {MUA} – LUNA Body Art – Lybra – Lyrical B!zarre – Miss Darcy – ::NET:: – OMGINC! – Paisley Daisy – Pink Ice – Poute – [Posh Pixels] – Razmataz – Sascha Designs – siss boom – Soul Designs – Styles by Danielle – The Stringer Mausoleum – TILL – Tres Beau – Vero Modero – Wicca’s Wardrobe – Xen’s Hats – Zibska        
Womankind Worldwide is a UK based, international Women’s Rights charity working to help women transform their lives and communities in Africa, Asia and Latin America.
It celebrated it’s 25th Anniversary last year (2014).
The Charity’s motto is ‘Equal, Respected, Proud‘ and its vision is of a world where being a woman does not limit choices, opportunities or rights, where ever she lives.
The Charity’s aim is to support local Women’s Rights organizations and smaller local women’s groups.  These groups, often at great personal risk to themselves, are challenging discrimination, human rights abuses and violence towards women within the countries and communities they are based in.
Womankind delivers the essential support – funding, expertise, contacts and publicity that these local grass roots women’s organizations need to amplify their voice, increase their impact and bring about greater change in their communities.
Womankind’s approach is not to impose a ‘top down’ solution but to help and empower the women’s groups it works with to achieve their own solutions and change. Womankind Worldwide also works in wider arenas, to lobby for change, working to influence the powers and practices of governments and non-governmental organizations.
While not being a very large charity, over the 25 years of its existence it has supported directly and indirectly over 18 million women and their families. In 2013, for instance, it worked in 15 countries, directly supported almost 141,000 women, and helped improve the rights of over 6 million women. In 2013 as an example, it worked in Afghanistan, Bolivia, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Nepal, Peru, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.
What follows is just a tiny example of the schemes, large and small, that it has helped.
Afghanistan In Jalalabad WW helped a a legal aid center run by a local Women’s Organization to provide free legal support to 175 women, psycho-social support to 70 women/girls and basic health treatment to 46 women.
Bolivia WW helped 550 indigenous and peasant women leaders in 5 out of the country’s 9 regions to acquire the knowledge to challenge discrimination and they are now actively participating in local politics.
Liberia WW helped develop a manual to help the police improve how they manage cases involving violence against women and girls, especially rape.
Tanzania WW worked with the Women’s Legal Aid Center in the Nyarugusu camp to support refugee paralegal units to take action on violence against women, and other human rights abuses, and they trained the wider community to recognize, promote and protect the rights of refugee women, children and men.
Nepal WW helped Dalit tribal women’s political participation and their understanding of local political processes.
Ethiopiaover five years, alongside another charity, WW worked with local communities to raise awareness of women’s rights, violence against women and harmful traditional practices. Just one result of this work was that 250,000 girls escaped genital mutilation.
That is only a tiny sample, the list could go on for hours….
This is a charity where even small donations can make a significant difference, because the money is targeted to make maximum and lasting impact. Some examples are shown below.
$20 US could train a police person in Peru in issues of sexual exploitation, violence and women’s rights to ensure that they better support trafficked women and women in prostitution.
$60US could train a community paralegal in Ghana, to provide legal support to survivors of violence, helping them to obtain child custody, a divorce or to keep their home.
$300US could train 25 Aymara women in Bolivia to educate other women in their communities on women’s rights, violence and leadership.
Looking at the figures, you can see that there is a real chance that money raised in Second Life could make a real difference somewhere.
Womankind Worldwide’s weblink is below – go check it out!


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