FFL 2015 final weekend! With Vero Modero, Emperean Forge, Azul, Jumo and Wicca’s wardrobe!

As Fashion for Life 2015 is almost over, only today and tomorrow to go there! And also my pc is giving me trouble. So I made this blogpost about a couple of designs I really wanted to show you before its to late!

I am showing you gowns by Vero Modero, with Emperean Forge jewelry, Azul, Jumo and Wicca’s wardrobe.

And I want to add how happy I am to have been able to contribute in this (very small) way to FFL 2015!

Snapshot_003 Snapshot_004

dress Vero Modero Dreamy lace (comes with gown skirt) for FFL 2015!

jewelry Emperean Forge Contessa pearl (comes with necklace, earrings, bracelets and rings) for FFL 2015!

Snapshot_006 Snapshot_007 Snapshot_010

gown Azul Camillie limited for FFL 2015!

Snapshot_011 Snapshot_012 Snapshot_014

gown Jumo Zuhair in champagne (comes with jewelry and heels for Slink high) for FFL 2015!

Snapshot_016 Snapshot_017 Snapshot_018

gown Wicca’s wardrobe Martha gown (comes with bow, necklace and clutch) for FFL 2015!

thank you to all the designers ❤

FFL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/FFL%20CentralPark%20North/62/193/23


also wearing in all the pictures:

hair Tableau Vivant

skin Belleza

hands and feet Slink

my flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/cherryravinelli/

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