Snowpaws Caribbean mesh gown for the Cosmopolitan Sales Room!

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My first blogpost for Snowpaws! I am really happy to join the Snowpaws bloggerteam!I love her design! ty Carrie ❤

This is the Caribbean mesh gown, available now only for The Cosmopolitan sales room!

And yes, this dress has Summer written all over. And anyone who has been to the Caribbean knows the colors are so true! I was there a very very long time ago. I remember music by Kassav, lots of Reggea and C’est la vie! van Robbie Nevil on the radio all the time, so that was late 80’s I think.

I wanted to have Summer right away and walk barefeet on the beach, have a sip of wine, sit in the late sun and just feel relaxed. I love that about SL, you can go inworld and find a place to fit your feeling!

I am also wearing:

hair Truth, Aspen in light blonde

eyeshadow La Malvada Mujer, Anna

bracelet Finesmith, Matjuba in copper


my flickr:

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