Winter, you come in peace and warmth for all




It seems now we all need a bit of warmth and love and peace. Lately I hear so much sad news, Friends who loose friends, parents that are terminally ill, friends in hospital, suïcide, my sister in hospital, a friend in hospital batteling for his life, and all I can do is send them love and pray. So as I atended a healing ceremony last thursday I did just that, and prayed for health and proseperity and a long and happy life, for all of you ❤

outfit: Winter by Boudoir. This outfit is so wonderful I took many pictures, more are on my flickr:

I added the headpiece bij Lode from The arcade gacha in oce berries and Glam affair Skin also from The arcade in december arctic 02. I also added the doves from the Topazia POE7 outfit Miss Dove.

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