Tommorrow Sneak Peak opens! Thank you Fuzz for asking me to be a blogger for this event, I have never really set up a blog, always had flickr as my blog, but this is a special occasion, so why not give it a go! I love this new job, the styling challenge, well, just everything. I hope I can contribute in my own little way. I am mostly very shy and hide behind my camera. That my pc is not that new doesn’t help. So with events I tend to crash a lot. Blogging fashion is a creative outlet for me, being stuck at home a lot, recovering after a serious illness (breastcancer). So anything to take my mind of things…..

Well I think that is enough ‘Me’ for now, lets see about the pictures I took for Sneak Peak.

your taxi to Sneak Peak: Slurl:

Snapshot_246 Snapshot_245

Snapshot_244 Snapshot_239

Sneak peak CST designs Classe

outfit (including shoes for Slink high) CST designs Classe, blackberry, for Sneak peak!

additional info:

hair Soonsiki, Rat

lips MUA

eyemakeup Kooqla

Snapshot_237 Snapshot_235 Snapshot_234 Snapshot_233

Sneak peak Ever an angel Nightmagick gown

dress and boots Ever an angel Nightmagick gown, for Sneak peak!

additional info:

hair Zibska

hat ALB, Audrey featherhat (part of outfit)

makeup La Malvada mujer, Warrior no.5

earrings Enfant terrible (old gacha)


Snapshot_229 Snapshot_227 Snapshot_224

Sneak peak M&M Style Sexy bomb

dress M&M Style Sexy bomb, Crudo, for Sneak peak

nails ZOZ Fall leaves natural polish, for Sneak peak

additional info:

hair Boon Girl 41 dark

makeup and skin Kooqkla

shoes Ghee Sequin onyx


Snapshot_222 Snapshot_220

Sneak peak ZOZ Fall leaves natural polish

nails: ZOZ Fall leaves natural polish (for Slink), for Sneak peak


Snapshot_214 Snapshot_213

Sneak peak AngelDessous Bijalla

lingerie: AngelDessous Bijalla, black, for Sneak peak

additional info:

hair Exile Dream of paradise

jewelry MG Alexa choker white

nails Finesmith fire red

shoes N-Core


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